Should I die, this blog will serve as my son's source of virtual mama.

If I live, I won't have to repeat myself.

sigers writes fiction and nags her son in austin, texas. 

I want you to do this for me, if necessary.

These boys lost their mom in an accident eight years ago. She got a flat tire, her Ford Explorer rolled over and killed her. They made a video to raise awareness and the footage of their mom playing with them as toddlers KILLS me. She’s beautiful, the boys are adorable and she is so free with her love, feeling that she has at least eighty more years to give and get. And she didn’t.

The other day I watched X-men: First Class and I tweeted that I would feel okay with you putting a quarter DEAD THROUGH somebody’s head to avenge my death. I have changed my mind. Find a way to save other moms. 

And if necessary, put a quarter dead through somebody’s head.

I want you to know that you are SO my kid.

I want you to know that you are SO my kid.