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I want you to know how to choose a fraternity.

If you decide to do the Black Greek thing, I will be pleased. If you don’t, I’ll be fine too. I imagine you as a member of Omega Psi Phi, which when you get older, you will find amusing. I think it’s because of your dad. If your dad were the Greek type, which he absolutely is not, I think he would be a Q. Intense. Passionate. Smaller numbers. You make a definite statement about yourself with them. That statement is, ‘I am so passionate, it has made me slightly crazy.’

Now, forget what I think. Pick the right one for you. Here’s how:

Look at the past. Read how they got started. Delta’s first act as a sorority was to join the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington, DC. Legend has it that because they were black, they were told to march at the back. They did not. 

That speaks to me.

Read the histories and see what speaks to you.

Then look at the present. What are they doing, as an organization, to better the world? There are many ways to better the world. Philanthropy? Politically? Hands-on Public Service? How do you want to change the world? Align yourself with the organization that is 'bout it, 'bout it.

Look at THIS chapter. The one on your campus. DO NOT TELL ANYONE YOU ARE LOOKING AT THEM. That means do not go to any meeting concerning men who are interested in ANYTHING until you are sure. When I say “look,” I mean find out who the members are. Do you like them individually? Are they interesting? Are they leaders? Are they flunking out? Look at them just as people.

Then look at them as a chapter - are they following in the path set by national? Or are they just wearing the sweatshirts and kickin’ it? Have they won any recognition from the alumni chapters? The university?

All this stuff is important. You want to join the chapter with people that you want to be like. The chapter you join is going to shape your perception of the organization. Your memories are going to be of the late nights with your line brothers and the late nights as a chapter. If the Omegas at your school are mostly jerks, you aren’t going like Omega. Although the collegiate Greek experience is AMAZING, if you are determined to be a Q, you might want to wait for Grad Chapter.

My chapter was Theta Alpha at Northwestern. The women that chose me are stunning and accomplished. I still want to be like them. My line sisters are beautiful, funny, talented, smart and did I mention funny? 

So most of my line got together a few years ago in New York. We were in Bloomingdales, when a lady behind the cosmetics counter passed out. She’d hit her head and was bleeding. It was a true, “Is there a doctor in the house?” moment.

We had two.

One, Josette, went over to the woman. They were a little skeptical at first, and I would like to think that’s because she was wearing an adorable bright green jumper and still looks 22. Not because she’s a black woman. Josette stabilized the poor lady until the paramedics came. She got a thunderous round of applause.

That’s my line sister. And if that lady wanted a journalist, a lawyer, a naturopathic doctor, some PR on the incident, some engineering, some education, some advertising and somebody to take pictures of the whole thing? Between the whole line? We would have had that stuff covered, too. They are women that I want to be like, women I respect. Am I BEST friends with all of them? No. But does my heart jump when I think of them? When they post something on my Facebook page? Can I think of something that they taught me that I still use today? Yup.

Your godmother is my line sister. I had that good of a time, kid. And that is what you want.

I promise to delete this paragraph when you get to high school. If you go Alpha Phi Alpha instead, they won’t like this so much.

I want you to understand Delta Sigma Theta.