Should I die, this blog will serve as my son's source of virtual mama.

If I live, I won't have to repeat myself.

sigers writes fiction and nags her son in austin, texas. 

I want you to know how to get out of your own way.

So you are all about your first train set right now. Thing is, you totally sit right smack dab in the middle of the train track with yer booty all obstructing progress. I cannot get you to move, no matter how I promise that efficient transportation of products and people is key to having an industrialized nation.

And it made me think that there will be a time when you will do this on a far less plastic scale. Your life is going to be chugging along, then seem to grind to a halt. 

It might be you.

You might be telling yourself that you can’t do it. You might be continuing to do the same thing that you’ve been doing that has not gotten you very good results. 

Stop. Look around. Figure out how to truly get out of your own way.

Al Jarreau is a gift my mom gave me when I was six years old.

I want you to understand that companies lie for money. Bayer? I'm looking at you.