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I want you to know that God=Mother Nature.

I will not be surprised if water becomes a precious commodity. Because 
we are ruining the world’s supply. Alllllllll the stuff we put down 
the drain – cleansers, nail polish remover, bleach, paint, medicines 
– all that stuff? It doesn’t go away. I used to think that there were 
these huge water treatment facilities that stripped all the bad stuff 
out and returned clean water to the cycle, later to be rained down 
upon us again. Well, some stuff is cleaned but MOST IS NOT. Those meds and poisons are 
mucking up our water and turning it unuseable. Undrinkable.

There will come a time we will have to pay for every sip of water we 
get. Same for air.

Right now, our food is now chemically and genetically altered for 
bigger faster growing longer lasting crops! And we eat fruit out of 
season – I bet you didn’t even know fruit has a season. You think 
peaches are here all the time, because they are. In the grocery store. 
But my love, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And it makes humans 
take things for granted. You are supposed to live without the 
delicious peach. And then when they bud on the trees, you are to 
anticipate their fuzz, their taste, their sweetness. Only then can you 
revel in the peach’s arrival.

You’re also gonna see a bunch of Discovery shows about clever humans 
who have figured out how to, say, make honeybees less aggressive. 
Because it’s more convenient for humans.

You will also find that humans sometimes decide to abort certain 
children. Sometimes because THEY WANTED A BOY INSTEAD OF A GIRL. 
Sometimes because of conditions like this one.

This is the way nature does it. Nature KNOWS what it is doing and what is 
needed. Man does not.

Now let’s just say that a clever company comes up with a system to 
clean the water. And the air. Just like they’ve figured out how to 
analyze the baby in your belly and give you out of season grapes. Man 
will fail. One day, Earl is going to forget to lock a clamp on the 
Intel HoverLock Air Purification system and an entire city is going to 
die. Or more likely, a company will cut corners and an entire city will die.

We are flawed and greedy.

So my grandmother used to say, “Let go and let God.” I think it’s some 
sort of scripture, maybe? Anyhow, I never liked it. I’m just not that 
passive and I always suspected that it was just an excuse for people 
to remain lazy. At a young age, I did understand that you aren’t in 
complete control of your life. Your life is like the ocean. You won't 
be in complete control all the time, sometimes you gotta go with the 
flow, but iI’ll be danged if I don’t ever grab a paddle and TRY to 
steer it some. I can’t just drop everything and wait for the Almighty 
to give me stuff.

But as I got older, I realized that maybe that wasn’t it at all. Maybe 
it should be “Let go and let Mother Nature.” Stop altering the natural 
flow of the world for our comfort and convenience.One day? There might 
be an illness that only aggressive honeybees can help with. It might 
SEEM like we can just think up something new to fix what we mess up, 
but we can’t. We will fail. Only (God?) nature does not fail.

Your father and I have our small ideas. We are beginning our own 
garden so we can grow some of our own food. Eating food that is grown 
locally is the more natural way. We are also going to start composting 
– in other words, helping the soil stay rich and fertile and able to 
grow food. Plus we avoid mixing the good stuff with the TOXIC stuff. 
We recycle.

But it’s itty bitty. And I know it is a heavy weight that I about to 
put on you, but if you can help humans to LET GO AND LET MOTHER 
NATURE? To make millions of people understand that this way that we 
are going is a very bad way, and most importantly, to ACT on it? You 
might be able to afford this human race a few more years on this 
glorious planet. You have no idea how proud that would make me.

I want you to know that it is your snack bar.

I want you to know that it is your snack bar.