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If I live, I won't have to repeat myself.

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I want you to know that it is important to not have a bunch of losers as friends.

I have friends. They are AWESOME.

Tynesha Williams, your Minister of Education and Bowling, was a finalist and won $400,000 in the Crash The Super Bowl contest.

Seng, your Minister of Spontaneous Adventure, also runs her own successful company. So does Kim Salter. So does your Uncle Rodney. Do you know how scary that is? Do you know how hard that is to do and still have money leftover for Tom Ford?

Serene, your Godmother and Minister of Travel runs marathons and

Denetria is a Cultural Sommelier.

Brandy Joy is a fashion stylist and on. Her. Grind. Also? She bought you the book Walter The Farting Dog. DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND HER WISDOM?

My soror Pammay visted 52 different places of worship and blogged the whole thing on and she’s writing a book about it.

Raquel is a Mocha Mom that is a new friend, but she is not only inspiring me to be a better mom for you, she also has 4,632 blogs and interesting Internet ventures.

Doctors, lawyers, TV execs, movie makers, movie producers, MTV casting directors. I could go on, and I probably should, since whoever I forgot is going Facebook me and whine.

But the point is, my close friends (and a great deal of friends who have become digital acquaintances) are out there in the world doing stuff. They try things. They achieve things. They start things. They are reaching for things and they do. Not. Give. Up. I admire them for that. I want to be like them.

But it’s not a competition. Because in my heart, I want them to go as far as they can and buy me things/give me a walk on role/get me into Puffy’s VIP room. Mostly, they inspire me to get off my bum and do something amazing that will make those amazing people proud of me. 

If all of your friends are losers, then you won’t have to work as hard to be awesome. And that is a tragedy. Because there you are, all Hey, I’m a P.I.M.P.  All my friends think I’m pretty much Billy D.  But if all your friends are not living up to their potential? Then you’re just the King of the Losers.

When I was a kid? They had a chin-up contest. The first kid did two. The second did three. I did ten, then dropped off.  It wasn’t that I was tired or anything. I just figured that ten seriously PWNS the other two and that was all I needed to do to win. I was wrong. I should have given it everything I had, because the first two kids happened to be weenies. I lost by a landslide because I reset my potential based on what I had seen so far.

And it is easy to reset your potential based on what you see everyday, in your friends.

Those who are about nothing? Will hold you down, near them. They will not hold you up and allow you to rise. They will not inspire you. 

Choose those who set the bar high, my love. You will never regret it.

#Iwantyouto know that I'm going to push you. But I always have your back.