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I want you to know that it is okay to be really, really smart.

I often type on this super high tech thing that you will find quaint by the time you read this blog. It is called an iPad and it is expensive and fragile and your 19 month old paws full of sticky and yucky have totally taken mine over. You use it more than I do. I put apps on there for you and you find them and have at it. Spelling, reading, puzzles, whatever. You have also figured out the higher functions of the thing. For example, I had to look for the email program because you moved all my apps around. You kind of shouldn’t know how to do that.

I told your dad that if I get hit by a bus, I want you to go to a summer camp about whatever you’re into at the moment. I said this while watching you sit on the couch with us tonight, contentedly computing. If you said anything besides DADDY, DUCK, DOG or CAT, I would pack you up and send you to camp NOW.

In your life, a lot of people are going to tell you that school sucks. And a lot of them will be your friends. They will slouch and sigh and say how boooooooring this is. Some of them will be enemies and they will tease you for your higher than 4.0 GPA. Call you a nerd. I would love it if you could look them in the eye and say, “So … You’re going for that dumb fuck thing, huh? Good luck with that.” But that might not go over well in third grade.

I’m going to have to write you a whole entry about how to contrast a fearless bad boy thing with the scholar thing. The short version is: calculate like me, but talk like your father.

Anyhow, learning things is one of the best things in life. It is a true luxury that we take for granted in this country. Some countries only educate boys. Others only educate the rich. Or a certain caste or color. Here, everyone can reach out for the better. And I am proud to be able to offer you a multitude of learning. Your job is to dive right into it.

Somehow, being stupid has become in vogue. But don’t be fooled. Stupid is never sexy. Some people use stupid as a bad boy thing – I’m rebelling against the system by not caring about traditional values. They are working the ‘I don’t know and I don’t care thing.’

But you’re African American. And we were once KILLED for knowing how to read. So we should all be gulping everything we can, because the slaveowners knew that educated minds are dangerous minds. Therefore, being smart is actually the true large-scale, bad boy thing. So just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you should shut your brain down for business. Pick something you’re really interested in, and ask your dad to send you to camp for it. Or, call Tynesha Williams. She is my good friend who has been appointed Minister of Education and Bowling. She will find you a fun camp.

And I hope you continue with this computer thing, because I like the idea of you as baby Bill Gates. But do NOT build the Terminators. They are a bad idea.

I want you to remember that I love showing you the world.