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I want you to know that it is okay to say that you are sorry.

So this morning you were all Jedi with two wrapping paper tubes and you nearly took my breast off with one big swipe.

ME: (really having a problem with you) OW!

YOU: (shuffling nervously, unsure of this emotion from me)

ME: LOOK HERE! That really hurt and I didn’t like it. You should say that you’re sorry.

Let me tell you here, that I was not at all expecting a reply. I figured it was asking you to parallel park my car. 

YOU: Sow-ghee.

And with that, I’d forgotten about the breast that you’d knocked into a lung.

People forget the power to simply admit when you are wrong. In fact, it’s refreshing when a confident person takes that confidence to a new level by apologizing when he makes a mistake. 

And I’ll give you the other side of that … a sincere apology can be a game ender. Denial can prolong the fight, rather than defuse it. Direct eye contact and, “Hey. I did say that that. But I’m sorry that I said it, and I’m sorry it got back to you - I didn’t want to hurt your feelings but I did. I’ll think twice before I let things that could hurt someone as nice as you. Again, I’m so sorry.”

You learned to apologize today and I couldn’t be happier. It was one of the best lessons that i have ever taught you.

I want you to understand that companies lie for money. Bayer? I'm looking at you.