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I want you to know when you shouldn't play it.

Let’s talk about being black again.

You’ll find that I do this a lot. And I guess that’s because I never found a lot of credible, simple sources that gave me guidelines to navigate the implications of my skin color. So maybe this is your Cliff’s Notes for Blackness. 

Or maybe I talk about it a lot because I am always taking a litmus test for my convictions. Do I still believe in Affirmative Action? Do I think HBCUs are inferior? Do I still think that Flavor Flav should be permanently placed inside a plantation scene at Busch Gardens?

Naomi Campbell is all mad at a candy company for … for … well, I’m not sure what for. She is calling for people of color to support a wronged supermodel because they compared her to a chocolate bar. Well, black folks are chocolatey and beautiful. What’s wrong with that? But I am a wary one, I was standing near the window just in case I had to get all, By All Means Necessary.  I clicked on the ad to see if maybe the candy company had found a new way to insult us. 

Not so much.

It is clear that they’re calling her bitchy, not blackie. And to suggest that this is a racial issue is ridiculous. Because I know what I know about advertising, my guess is that she’s really mad because the candy company used the suggestion of her name to sell candy bars without giving our Nutty Buddy her endorsement money. So the company backed down and apologized. They took the high road.

But now, people will pause before they hire other black models, actresses, executives, teachers, doctors and lawyers, because the basic rules are suddenly hard to understand. ‘Will Sharquisha take it wrong if I ask her if she takes her coffee black? Will I have Al Sharpton in my office by 4:30? I’m not a racist and I don’t want to be called one. The credentials are kinda equal, maybe I’ll hire Bob instead.’ Thanks, Naomi.

The more we pull out the race card and drag it through the mud, the more no one will listen when it counts. And calling a person or company racist just for your personal gain? Deplorable.

So is being overly sensitive. Stop protesting and start making sure your kids are passing.

So I want you to be very, very careful. Stand up and sound the alarm. But if anybody calls you an upscale, decadent, sweet example of chocolate confection?

Just smile and say thanks.

I want you to hand the computer to Bailey, KeyAnn or Zaria.

I want you to know that I know where I end and you begin.