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If I live, I won't have to repeat myself.

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I want you to remember to take a nap.

I want you to remember to take a nap.

You are comedically horrific when you are sleepy. Today it was our fault, your father and I, for not getting you down between World Cup games and me packing for yet another business trip. By 4:30? Lawd have mercy, you were a ball of whiiiiine.

If you realize that you’ve lost your personality, a nap and food might be a good idea. I take pride in my fairly even-keel personality, but when advertising takes on the weight and panic of saving preemie baby lives on a timed tv game show? I probably need to shut it down and step out for food.

Probably more useful to you is the advice that your great-great aunt Honey gave to me when I was in college. She said, “Sleep when you are sleepy.”

And I chuckled, but she was right. Attempting to cram when my brain was determined that my nose meet the gutter of the textbook, was worthless. A short nap was far better than staring at words and absorbing none.

Also, I think you tried to tickle me today, by cupping your little hand on my thigh and brushing me with your fingertips. It was hilarious and totally made up for your cranktastic afternoon.

I want you to know how to get rid of acne.

I want you to know how to get rid of acne.

I want you to remember that I love showing you the world.