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I want you to understand the power of your words.

It was bedtime. But you said that you wanted to go get your Batman. Which is this tiny little plastic figure that I’m not even sure is a Batman. I told you to go get it, then to come right back. You said, “‘KAY!”

And that is what you did. I didn’t have to bellow a threat or anything.

You came back, closed the door and got back into bed.

You kept your word.

You must do what you say that you will do. If you do not wish to do something, you must be man enough to say that you will not. But if you look someone in the eye and say that you will do something, you must follow through. 

Sometimes I didn’t understand what my words meant to people. Once, your godmother was annoyed with me for not showing up to some get together. I really just didn’t think that she would miss me. It was a large gathering. I wasn’t leaving her by herself. But either way, I said that I was coming. And barring a true problem, I should show up. Because I said that I would.

Recently, I went to McDonald’s and ordered a cup of coffee. When I got to the window, I had to explain that I had left the house without my wallet. This was more than likely your doing, but I digress. I had to tell the man that I had no money. 

He let me have the coffee. He said to pay next time.

I said that I would.

Now I visited that McDonald’s nine million times before I got him again, and he had forgotten his kindness. But I had not. I wanted him to know that I kept my word. I paid him back.

Giving your word isn’t always a large ceremony. It takes place every single day. Remember that, Muffins.

You were a man of your word in your Buzz Lightyear pyjamas. Do not be a child of empty words in a Brooks Brothers suit.

I want you to know about my Uncle Kenny.